Cresci in Rome: Bakery, Restaurant, Pizzeria, Cocktail Bar.

Cresci is a restaurant near the Vatican that wants to offer Home cooking away from home.
Our guests will find: Italian cuisine in a bistrot atmosphere. 

Cresci is much more than a restaurant: a small oven in an open-plan lab, where our cuisine forgets technicalities and focuses on the importance of flavor. Sit and eat your pizza from the pan or lounge at the counter, heart of our Cocktail Bar.

This is Cresci.
Bakery | Osteria | Pizza Parlor | Cocktail Bar


Our bakery opens at 7 pm. The lab is in plain sight and the menu follows the seasons. We offer pizza in a pan.


Chef Danilo Frisone proposes a simple and refined menu reminiscent of home cooking. His dishes should be smelled, enjoyed, remember.


As of 5.30 pm the counter becomes Pino Mondello’s home: Martini cocktails, Gin&Tonics, Evergreens, Long Drinks and Aperitivo.

Home Cooking

Every day at lunch and dinner, Cresci restaurant offers its guest a cuisine that forgets technicalities and focuses on the flavor of traditional dishes.

The Counter

We like to think of our long wooden counter as the heart of our Osteria. It welcomes our guests from morning till late at night, serving breakfast, coffee and drinks. But after 5.30 pm you’ll find our Cocktail Bar and the counter suddenly acquires new life with Pino Mondello and his list of five classes of drinks, developed on the basis of his long experience: Martini cocktails, Gin&Tonics, Evergreens, Long Drinks and Aperitivo.

The Neighborhood Bakery

Cresci’s premises have hosted an actual baker’s shop for forty years, and that’s why one of its souls will be represented by the Bakery. A small neighborhood shop, a genuine rather than a fashionable place, where people will stop for hot bread, a yummy snack, a taste of Romanhood.

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